The Nines
Simple & practical on-the-go products

Why settle for inconvenience when you can have comfort and style altogether?

Our Story

The Nines was founded in 2022 with a new unique concept idea to offer smart and practical solutions for our customers with a fast-paced life looking for comfort, ease and simplicity in their everyday journey.

What inspired The Nines?

We are just like you! Young people whose lives are on the move. Between home, going to work, heading to the gym, to sleepovers, to business trips or summer vacations, you’re always packing, trying not to forget the small yet essential things.

One day we just had enough of the discomfort and the worrying that often takes the fun out of things, making going out or taking a short trip or a vacation seem like a lot of work. We started looking for out-of-the-box solutions by creating practical products you didn’t know you needed, putting an end to many minor inconveniences and making packing an exciting part of the journey.

Where does the name come from?
It means glamor, vivacity, finesse!

A term that means excellence and perfection. It started with the expression “dressed to the nines”, which means dressed to perfection, showing how this experience is one that you can call perfect to you, from start to finish.

Our FIRST product

You’re traveling with the old solid black, brown and blue luggage afraid it zips open, or get mixed up on the baggage claim carousel unless you cover it tight, mark it with a thousand ribbons or clip a hundred pins to personalize it. Does this ring a bell?

We give you stylish luggage covers with unique designs!

Chic, colorful, exciting looks that reflect your traveler spirit.
Creative designs, easy to use, good material.
Helps you easily spot your luggage, save you money on buying new colorful ones, and gives your old bag a makeover.